Thursday, October 1, 2015

Internship! the Musical
A New Musical About the Life of an Intern at Two River Theater
Starring Matt Yee as The Intern at Two River Theater
            Hello! I am Matt Yee and I am the new marketing intern! I am a Theater Major at Brookdale Community College. I am an actor – who has performed in shows such as Mary Poppins, Rent, and Godspell – and a playwright who just had his first One Act play, Don’t Let Me Go, performed in Asbury Park, NJ this past August.
Now, you may be asking yourself, “Matt, you’re so fabulous, how did you ever get to be an intern at Two River Theater?” Well, I’ve been attending shows at Two River since A Year with Frog and Toad all the way back in their 2008-2009 season. Wow. Sadly, my next show at Two River was during their 2012-2013 season for The Electric Baby and Present Laughter. Both shows were spectacular and The Electric Baby easily became a favorite of mine. After that I’ve seen shows like Third, Camelot and the soon-to-be-cult-musical: Be More Chill.
Speaking of Be More Chill, can we acknowledge how fabulous that was? The people in the office call me a “Super fan” because I saw that show seven times. Everything about that show was so perfect. It needs to make a transfer ASAP.
But how did I see all these shows when ticket prices are so expensive? Firstly, tickets at Two River Theater are significantly cheaper than on Broadway, but there’s this thing called “Under 30.” We offer $20 to any show, sitting anywhere in the theater, the only catch is that you need to be under the age of 30. It’s definitely worth it. The thing you need to understand about Two River Theater, though, is that it’s an Equity house which means that the talent we get on stage, behind the scenes, and in production is essentially Broadway talent so you don’t want to pass up this offer. Ever.
Also, shout out to the Marketing Team. They are some of the coolest people to work with. Because of them, I have been presented with awesome opportunities such as opening nights for shows, meeting professional actors and techs, and seeing all the ins and outs of an Equity theater. All the staff members of Two River have been so welcoming and helpful that it’s going to be hard when my internship is done in December after A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
That reminds me! Make sure to follow and pay attention to all of our social media because I will be posting on the Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat! You may remember my take over for Seven Guitars, well, expect much more for Forum! We have a lot of awesome stuff planned.
Want to see more? Follow me on Instagram: @DailyDoseOfMattYee and @MatthewBrysYee. Want to ask me questions or suggest stuff for me to do? Ask me on Twitter: @MatthewBrysYee with the hashtag #InternMattAttack.

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